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Architectural Designer – Acre Design


Here at Acre Design we have a fantastic team of design professionals, structural engineers, building engineers and chartered architectural technologists, that have the skills and tools to help you turn your home design vision into reality.

building control plans planning permission architect Newcastle Acre Design North East
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What is an architectural designer?


An architectural designer is simply,  an architect, architectural technologist, or chartered building engineer who is more focused on just designing buildings. Acre Design are able to design and work with both residential and commercial projects.  Most other architects will design other specific features as well as buildings. Architectural designers are normally in charge of the actual design and logistical process, then builders will take over from here.

Architectural designers are great for having a slightly more creative input in the building design. The skill set and experience architectural designers hold are within the same guidelines as an architect. Both architects and architectural designers prioritise planning and researching a project – this is the key to a successful and smooth running construction.


Architectural FAQs


What is an architectural site plan?


An architectural site plan is a detailed engineering drawing including proposed improvements or design ideas. A site plan normally shows every element to a building in a footprint format. Including travelways, parking, drainage facilities, sanitary sewer lines, water lines, trails, lighting, and landscaping and also garden elements.

Find out more about our architectural design process here.

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Are building floor plans public record?


Building floor plans will be held by either the homeowner or the original developer. If you cannot get hold of the building floor plans you could always ask your architectural designer to draw up some new ones.


Why do architects use blueprints?


A blueprint is a reproduction of a architectural plan. Architect use blueprints to see the whole process of the technical design, they can also use ruler tools to scale everything up accordingly. These rulers let them measure proportional linear distance while drafting a design.



Architectural Plans


An architectural plan is a design and basic planning for a building. Architectural plans can include a range of drawings, calculations of the design and time planning for the building process as well as other documents that would be beneficial to the overall plan.

Acre design is a leading architecture firms in newcastle and services the areas of: Cramlington, Gosforth, Tynemouth, Whitley Bay, Jesmond, Forest Hall and also North Shields.

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