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With years of experience, we are experts in compliance with building control regulations; this means that you will get quicker approval with minimum fuss.

Why is pre-build design assessment so vital?


When we design your self-build, conversion or extension project, the design will be assessed by a local building control body (BCB), this can be the local authority such as Newcastle Council or it can be provided by a private company also known as an ‘approved inspector’. This ‘plan check’ process includes a full review of our drawings and structural calculations as well as checking the scheme meets Building Regulations requirements, British and European Standards and other legislation on performance and safety. As Acre Design MD Alistair has over ten years of experience working in Building Control, we have the inside scoop on how to breeze through this process and we manage this every step of the way for you.




How does Building Control Work?


We put together a technical plan package and submit this to Building Control for review. Once the package is reviewed by BC against the pertinent legislation they will then issue a list of questions know as a ‘plan check’, once we have answered any questions, the plans can be stamped and approved. This means you will have a design that complies with all the relevant legislation, and so long as the builder follows these approved plans, the build should be completed without delay or additional cost and the building inspector will be happy. Builders love our plans for their clarity and detail, and clients love our plans for the incredible designs we come up with.




What if we change our mind?


We always encourage our clients to thoroughly check our plans before we submit them to Building Control. The design process should stop once the design is agreed and before the works start. Changes are possible during the works, however it is best to have Acre Design update the plans with the changes and submit this to Building Control as an amendment. This is so that building control can asses the changes for compliance with the regulations. Any changes during the works are likely to lead to delays whilst this process is undertaken.




What about a building notice?


You may have heard the term ‘Building Notice’ or individuals saying that you may not need Building Control plans to start your construction project. This is correct, as a Building Notice can be submitted to your local authority before starting work. The local authority will still require information such as a site plan, drainage details and in some cases sketch drawings. However, if you want to use a building notice you are stating that you will be complying with building regulations on site.


This method may be possible for smaller construction projects and alterations, but with larger projects come more problems. If a Building Notice is used, some contractors might not be aware of everything a design entails and might not be meeting the required regulations. Yes, simply submitting a building notice cuts out the cost of producing Building Regulations plans; however they usually also cut out the detailed design and contract. Without detailed plans, a builder has nothing to price your job against and has to quote based on experience alone. You may expect certain work to be included in your build but your builder may not – without detailed Building Control Plans, your build costs could spiral out of control and any savings made from not having these plans drawn up could soon disappear.


However, if Building Control drawings are used they will ensure the project complies with the Building Regulations and will be checked over by several people before work can start. This method will help overcome potential problems before getting to site, which will ensure works run smoothly with fewer problems and will provide you with the perfect new home or extension.



Building Control Drawings Explained


The law in the United Kingdom states that new construction projects need to be carried out in accordance with Building Regulations. However, there are a few circumstances where they aren’t required, such as small porches, conservatories, or detached garages (up to 30m2 floor area).


Once the planning permission for your project has been approved, the next step is to get technical drawings (Building Control plans) to ensure the design for your project complies with buildings regulations. These plans entail detailed construction drawings as well as ensuring the design complies with the Approved Documents. There are a number of Approved documents, ranging from A to R. These include everything from the structural and fire safety requirements for a new building or extension to electronic communications and accessibility.


As well as ensuring your project is built correctly and safely, the Building Control drawings will make it easier for tendering and pricing for your project. After these drawings have been produced by your Architect / Designer they will be submitted to Building Control, where they will be checked over to ensure they comply with the Building Regulations. This helps iron out any potential problems before building work starts on site, which could help save time and money.


What do the Building Control drawings compromise of?


  • A detailed explanation of the proposed project.
  • Technical drawings, which include floor plans, elevations and building sections.
  • A technical specification.
  • Structural Engineers calculations (If they are required for a project).
  • A site plan showing the proposed works and its surroundings.
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