North Shields

North Shields

Our client’s live in north shields in a newly built townhouse. A townhouse is usually a terraced property spread over three floors, often with a non traditional layout. For example, here, our client’s have on the ground floor, an entrance hall with stairs and a kitchen, their main living area is upstairs on the 1st floor. This has allowed them to have breath taking views up the River Tyne  from their living area, however it means navigating stairs far too often. Our brief was to build a single storey extension to the rear to give them usable dining space on the entrance level. Our design was to be clean and using a lantern glass roof to keep the overall height down, so as not to upset the neighbours. Our plans will give a whole new way of living in this house, they will have an additional entertaining space, and they can all socialise whilst dinner is being prepared.

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