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Single Storey Extensions

Thinking of Building a Single Storey Extension?


Open Plan Living


Nowadays, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Long gone are the days of the kitchen being a small room at the back of the house. Today, people want a bright, open-plan kitchen with a dining area and some comfortable seating where they can spend quality time with their family while cooking, socialising or relaxing. Modern interior design is focused upon clutter-free, minimalist style and we love designing extensions to accommodate this beautifully relaxing style. Adding spectacular glass installations and maximizing natural light is often of focus in our designs. 



Rear Extensions


Building a single storey or rear extension, which opens up to the garden can have a transformative effect on how you live in your home. As well as having a large bright room to spend time in, there are knock-on benefits too. There is no greater feeling than, on a nice day, opening up a wall of glass that leads onto the garden, where you can sit outside in the sunshine. By extending and making access to the outside easier, you will enjoy your house to its full potential.


Another great benefit of extending is that you can create a multi-functional space. Often, the living room changes from being a messy space where everything happens to a clutter free, stylishly organised room, a place to escape to, rather than a room to escape from



Bi-fold and Sliding Doors


Modern improvements in glass mean the options are no longer limited to a set of UPVC patio doors, get in touch to discuss the latest materials and options. Bi-fold doors add a seamless transition between your home and garden, something quite spectacular on a beautiful day. 


If you would like to discuss the possibilities for your home, please get in touch to arrange a FREE consultation, we’d love to hear from you.

Example Document – Single Story Side Extension


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