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Timber Frame

Acre Design Specialises in Timber Frame Construction, this is a faster, cheaper more environmental way to build an extension or a new home. We believe passionately in this method of construction, it is as strong, lasts as long and there is zero risk of moisture problems using today’s breathable damp proof membranes. Once complete you won’t be able to tell the difference between bricks and block or a timber frame.

There are two main types of timber frame construction:

Stick build – the carpenter constructs the timber frame on site, this works best when extending; and

Prefabricated – the timber frame in constructed off-site under factory conditions and then delivered to site where it is erected. Perfectly suited to new homes.
timber frame construction Newcastle Acre Design
Loft timber frame
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timber frame construction Newcastle Acre Design

Stick Build Timber Frame


For extensions, obtaining millimetre accurate site dimensions can be very difficult until the structure is exposed showing the original construction. Most manufacturers would require this information six to eight weeks prior to the delivery date so pre-fab is difficult when extending. Due to the limitations associated with building extensions in timber frame, stick build construction is the usual go-to.


The Joiner would order the required materials and as they are individual components, they are easily man-handled onto site.

Once on site, the joiner would build up the timber frame panels in accordance with the specifications on Acre Designs incredibly accurate architectural drawings. As the existing structure would be exposed (since the site would be under construction at this point), the carpenter can obtain accurate dimensions and build suitable panels.

Ensuring a Seamless Execution


The architectural design, planning permission, building control approval, quotes and finding the right contractor can take up to 6 months, so if you are looking to build in the next 18 months, NOW is the time to start. Critical is that you employ an expert architectural designer like Alistair Crerar and his team at Acre Design. Alistair has 15 years of experience in designing timber frame extensions, in Scotland and more and more in the North East (where Acre has been based for the last 5 years). This puts you in an enviable position of having the experts on your side, and helps to reduce the risk of delays or additional costs when the project kicks off on site. Acre Design will help you acquire competitive quotes from contractors who have experience working with timber frame construction.

timber frame construction Newcastle Acre Design


  • Timescale is more predictable and less dependent on good weather conditions which is ideal for those who reside in the North East of England and Scotland,
  • Cost is generally accepted as being less than traditional masonry construction,
  • Structure can be made wind/watertight faster (days not weeks) and a project can be finished in as little as eight to ten weeks,
  • Can provide high levels of thermal performance and air tightness,
  • Less deliveries resulting in less disturbance to neighbours,
  • Highly insulated and therefore very energy efficient,
  • Lightweight and easy to transport,
  • Environmentally friendly as timber is sustainable and renewable,
  • Low production energy as it takes little energy to convert trees to usable timber,
  • Efficient use of material and reduced construction waste due to controlled engineering and fabrication.

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