Our client’s have bought a downtrodden semi in Seaburn (near Sunderland) which was in need of a full refurbishment as it hadn’t been touched inside for decades. As well as this the external fabric of the building had been battered from both this houses main selling point as well its principal threat, its front elevation stares straight out to the North Sea. Our client’s had only a wish list of rooms for us to satisfy, they handed this over at commencement, and we set to work. We decided in the end to extend to the side, rear and into the loft to achieve our limited brief.  We thought by utilising the form and details of the existing turret and peaked gable elements we would complement the street scene, (a key consideration for planning permission) and make full use of the outstanding views afforded by this house.  Balconies with sea views on both the first and second floor, a gym and cinema room, as well as the all important open plan kitchen dining area, we feel this house will be the envy of the surrounding area once completed. Our client’s were delighted, and we required only minor changes to the original design before being submitted to the local planning department.

Seaburn, extension, front extension, downtrodden semi

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