Timber Frames

Timber Frames

Acre Design are specialists in timber frame construction, we have vast experience in building using many construction methods, but we think timber frame offers excellent advantages, and our clients throughout Newcastle and the North East should definitely consider it when extending their home. Below Alistair talks about this method more and why it’s such a good option.

Timber Frame

Timber frame extensions work well as an extension to all types of house, whether it’s a semi in Gosforth, or a stone detached house Whitley Bay, and the best of it is the external finish to match exactly with your existing home (as often the planning department requires), or with a contrasting finish to really stand out, and help you make a statement on your estate.  

New framing house construction with no roof and two by fours exposed
Timber Frame

I love timber frame, whether you are planning on extending your home to create more space, or add value to your home, choosing timber frame for the structural aspects have some really great advantages. Build time is much faster, as the walls go up in hours not days, and this means that you get a secure structure much faster than other construction methods like the traditional brick and block. Timber is also environmentally friendly and has excellent insulation properties meaning your new extension will not only be eco-friendly, but super energy efficient.


The main structure can be erected within a matter of days, meaning the roof works can be booked in in advance and start immediately which then allows for internal works to start once your extension is in the dry, this is a massive time saving when you think of having to wait for the brick and block walls to be finished, before you can start on the roof. At Acre Design, we usually work on residential extension projects to existing homes. 

As a result, our clients are usually living there at the time. The speed at which timber frames can be constructed means that materials will not be stacked around your home causing trip hazards and dangers for the kids. If, for instance, there were to be weather delays, using timber frame allows the construction process to continue as it is not affected by weather conditions! A massive bonus with the weather here in the North East. Acre Design are leading the way in the North East of England with timber frame designed extension, and we can work with you to design and then build an amazing extension that will give you the home of your dreams.

Home under construction

We can provide years of technical expertise in timber frame design, our technical detailing leaves no question marks and we can then oversee construction should you wish, we work in all areas of the North east from Hexham to Tynemouth, Morpeth and Sunderland.


Contact us today to chat to us about your extension, doesn’t matter if it’s a traditional build or this awesome method, just get in touch to discuss! 

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