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Architectural Design

Acre Design are the North East and Newcastle's leading architectural designers, specialising in home extensions, loft conversions and self-build designs.

Planning Permission

When you ask the experts - Book a call, we can advise whether your project requires planning permission. If permission is required, we will act as your agent through to approval; completing all forms and liaising with your local council.

Building Control

With years of experience, we are experts in compliance with building control regulations; this means that you will get quicker approval with minimum fuss. Working with Acre Design early in your project will help speed up this process.

Tender Administration

Acre have worked with dozens of excellent contractors since founding in 2014. We can help you gather together like for like quotes and advise on hiring the perfect builder for your project.

Contracts Administration

Working with Acre onsite to help you realise the home of your dreams saves you time, stress and money, book in an ask the expert call to find out how.

Whole house efficiency

When builders are working on your property it is wise to look into thermal and energy upgrades to the whole house at the same time. We have an incredible process to maximise your investment.

Acre Design


Who We Are

We are a friendly, open-minded team whose work is inspired by helping our clients create the dream for their property; with an ethos of excellent design backed up with great detailing and years of technical expertise.


With us, you can co-create a home that is truly tailored to your family’s wants and needs, adding beauty and elegance along the way.

Let us help build your dreams

What our clients say about our work

Architectural Drawings

Contractors love our detailed plans. Our plans enable them to stay within schedule and budget from ground breaking to grand opening. The success of your project depends upon positive and productive contractor-architect relationships. We invest a great deal of time in building and maintaining contractor relationships based upon open communication, mutual respect and shared perspectives to ensure your project is streamlined.


Your satisfaction is our success. We focus on building a close relationship with you so we can provide you with great designs which are perfect for your needs. Our hope is for our customers to return and to recommend Acre Design to their friends and families.


At Acre Design, our customer commitment is printed on every quote. We promise to have the first draft to you in 10 working days and if you need them faster, we will do everything we can to deliver.

Architectural Plans

At Acre we create industry leading architectural plans - these are designs and plans which can be used to plan out a buildings layout, design and specification.

Planning Drawings

Here at Acre Design - we are the benchmark for planning drawings in Newcastle and are always striving to improve.

Attic Conversions

If you want to add space and value to your house, and there is little room to the side or back of your property (or you love your garden too much), then Attic conversions are a great way to do so.

Let us help build your dreams

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