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Acre Design, Newcastle’s Leading Architectural Designers

Image shows four of Acre Design's projects in the North East, our designs for home extensions are pictured


There’s no feeling like walking into your newly refurbished home.


Seeing the house that started in your imagination… climbing up the stairs into your loft conversion…

or feeling the sun streaming into your new extension* – it’s an incredibly special moment.

That feeling is why we got into this business.

We get out of bed in the morning to help our clients make that feeling happen.


It takes a lot to get there:

  • Knowing what you want
  • A Design that works for you
  • Getting through the building process

So let’s talk about how we get you to the moment where you open that door.


*Obviously, we can’t guarantee the sun. We are based in Newcastle, after all.

Newcastle Architecture is built for Victorian Living


We love being based in Newcastle.


The houses that we get to work on are often beautiful Victorian properties.
It’s amazing, and humbling, to see the job that Victorian architects did, with the materials and instruments they had.

But here’s the thing about Victorian properties – they were built for Victorian living.
That’s why the kitchen is always hidden away at the back of the house.
And the loft is built for storage, cutting down your living space.


Your home wasn’t built with you in mind.

Together, that’s what we’re going to change.

Find out more about how we redesign older buildings to make them fit for modern life on our Guide to Building projects.

Architecture and beyond – getting you to that moment.


A lot of pieces have to come together, to get you to that moment when you walk into your newly refurbished home.
Every project is different, but it all has the same goal.
Our job is to get you to that moment as quickly as possible.


We never forget the position of trust you put us in.


You may only renovate your forever home once in your life.
Getting it right will vastly improve your quality of life.
Hold-ups lead to upheaval for you and your family.

You can’t buy your dream home.
You need to create it.
And we’ll be with you every step of the way, right until the point when you open the door.


Why not start on the journey to your dream home today?

Beautiful architecture – designed for your life…


Acre Design has gathered a team of exceptional design professionals together. We are equipped with the most cutting-edge software tools to create the home that matches your vision.


We use the latest 3D imaging software to give you a real sense of the home you are creating.

You’ll feel like you’ve been inside your new home before it has been built!


But your home isn’t just for looking at – it’s for living in.
We help you think of your home as a practical space too, making it best suited to your day-to-day life.


When will you open and close your floor to ceiling windows?
What happens to the plumbing if more than one person takes a shower?


We consider these things for you.

We think through the day-to-day use of your home.

We Use the Latest Technology


Where appropriate, we’ll help you bring in technology.

There have been amazing advances in home living technology,
and they’re a lot less expensive than you may think.

Our team keep their finger on the home-tech pulse, so you have the  latest options to choose from.


We are also experts in the latest building materials.
We’ll help you understand your choices for eco-friendly living, for insulating your home,
and for the little things that will hugely improve
your life in your new home.

Find out more about our architectural design-process here.

Turning your dream into reality – taking you right through the building process.


It takes a lot to get that feeling of walking into your dream home.
The right design, the right materials, the right tech, the right plan for your family.

But you also need a hundred different things – planning permission, building regulations, all that boring stuff- to go right.
If things go wrong, it can mean enormous upheaval for you and your family, not to mention the cost it can add to a project.


And this is where Acre Design is here to help you.

There are a lot of architecture firms that create beautiful designs.
But there’s something else we have that other architecture firms do not.


Over ten years of valuable experience in building control.

We understand every step of the journey that you’re about to take.
We know every pitfall and every loophole.


We know the rules you need to follow, and how to get through them without holding up a project.
Because we used to enforce them.

Acre Design has a unique track record in getting projects through the process, minimising the hassle and the cost for you.


Find out more about getting through the planning stages with Acre Design’s guide to planning permission.

Managing Director – Alistair Crerar


Alistair Crerar is the Principal and Managing Director of Acre Architectural Design.
His background is a little unusual, given his position.


After his degree in Building Surveying, Alistair worked at three different local councils,
as a building control specialist.
He assessed architects’ plans to ensure that they had all the necessary compliance.
He visited five or six building sites a day.
Amazed to see the same mistakes coming up again and again – mistakes that cost home owners times and money.


Alistair decided to form Acre Design.


He knew that he could make a difference – not only had he seen every potential pitfall,
but he understood the quickest ways through the planning process.

He wanted to help.
He wanted to improve people’s quality of life.
He takes great pleasure in visiting building sites and witnessing a dream home come to fruition.

Acre Design is now a rapidly growing architectural design company, with a team of dedicated,
driven and creative professionals.


Laura, the office manager ensures that you are kept up-to-date with communications.

Today, Alistair uses his years of experience in Building Control to ensure that Acre Design projects fly through the process.


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